Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby knitting!

There has been a bit of baby boom within my friends and family in the past few months. In fact a MAJOUR baby boom! Pretty much all my nearest and dearest are either getting pregnant or about to pop!

So i am delighted to get into some newborn knitting! It is something i haven't done before as i didn't catch the knitting bug until my youngest was already 1.

Oh my gosh there are some gorgeous things out there to make for little bubbas!

I have some very talented friends who have designed a bunch of fabulous patterns.

Julia over at Just One WIP and Kelly at are two of these clever lady's :)

And for that extra special touch to your finished item? Tanja from Watermelish has embellishment charts and Nici from Buttons by Benji will sort you out with gorgeous handmade buttons!

So now, what have i been making??

First up two baby Milo's.
The first one i was in a hurry to wrap up for a last minute baby shower so didn't get pic's ( was a cute cream Owl cabled one) and this one doesn't have a home yet.

it is my first go at doing an embellishment and after a rocky start ( and a tantrum on my part along the lines of "its too hard waaaaa i cant do it, I'm never doing one again" woops!)i soldiered on and i LOVE the finished project!!!!!! i cant wait to try out a lot more designs now :)

Last night i also finished a "Young Einstein" cardy (designed by Julia) for a friend of mine due any day now!

Both are knit in glorious soft merino from Uruguay called 100purewool

will have more baby knits to come soon!!! casting on some longies to match the cardy tonight :D


Clare said...

Love the strawberries, so cute Hannah - well done!

LemonyRenee' said...

The cardigan will get a lot of use, I can tell just by looking at it -- a perfect blend of the adorable and the functional.

The strawberry top -- deliciously cute!