Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mabel Barbara

My husbands grandmother turns 75 next week and i wanted to make her something beautiful and special.

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Morag put up some gorgeous deep red sock yarn on her site Vintage Purls the other week and it was a perfect fit for Barbara. I wanted a pattern to could churn out quickly so went with my old faithful Ishbel pattern, this time trying a little different construction.

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I used the small stocking stitch section and the large lace pattern, as i had seen other projects on Ravelry who had manged to get that size out of a single skein of sock yarn. I didn't unfortunately and had to cut out the last 4 rows in section D to make sure i had enough yarn for the cast off. i had JUST enough so lucky i didn't just keep going! I think it still looks beautiful and you can hardly tell :)

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This is shawl #7 for my 10 in 2010 challenge!!!!! i am so proud i have made this many so far and i know i have many more than 3 left up my sleeve.


Julia said...

That's gorgeous Hannah! And your Grandmother's name reminded me of my own g'ma's (who's birthday I haven't thought of yet but she'll be turning 91 eek) - my dear old Ethel Winifred :)

lauren carney said...

oh my my your blog is a bit on the lovely side of things!
i enjoy your gazing at the pretty pictures ever so much