Monday, May 31, 2010


While our Internet was down I finally finished off sock #2 of my Dolce socks! Just in time for mothers day.

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Both the pattern and the hand dyed yarn come from my lovely friend Sheryl over at Shortly Stitches.

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I made them super long as i find there is often enough yarn left in a skein to make long ones and the lace looks gorgeous in big long columns.

Mum loved them!

These were pair number 2 for my 10 socks in 2010 challenge but never fear, i have two more pairs on the needles at the moment so i will complete my goal in time!


Buy Design said...

Nice to see you back. I wondered where you had gone from my blog list.

nova_j said...

oh they are just perfect!!!

looking forward to see the rest of your 10in2010... i think i've managed 3 pairs of socks in 3 years! :P