Monday, February 15, 2010

Spreading the Love

Yip its swap season again!!!!!! These things see, to go in seasons where swaps are due all at the same time! this makes for very exciting letter box trips in the mornings, we are very lucky to have received all couriers and mail by 9am! so no waiting impatiently all day for me!

A few posts back i blogged about the Sock Lovers swap i was involved in and my "Where the Elves Play" package i put together. Well i arrived back from holiday to find my swap had arrived!!!!!!!

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My theme was "My Vampire Boyfriend" which is a pattern i have been dying to make My yarn was 100grams Henry's attic "Thread soft" ( from jolly jumbuck) dyed in delicious pinky reds. it also came with Charlaine Harris's first Sookie book "Dead till dark" which is AWESOME!!! i have read it in e-book form but cant wait to read it again properly Its the first book to start my collection.

Then yesterday i received my "Vampire" swap!!! yes yes i know a whole swap dedicated to vampires hehehe. I am still putting together my swap but here is the one i received:

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It was all wrapped up in a Kite and included 200grams (! !) bendigo luxury 4ply dyed int he colours of the forest surrounding the Cullen's house, a vile of Edwards blood (rich red cake gel ) a stunning shawl pin dripping with beads of Bella and Edwards blood, a sheet of midnight blue sparky felt and in my Rav account was the pay pattern to the " La Cumparsita" shawl pattern. ( the name of a piece of music used to dance the tango- the dance of danger and love)

Also tonight is our Naki swap night and we will be exchanging mystery swap ;) will post more about this tomorrow!

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Flower said...

Hey Hannah, Long time no blog! Your scarf looks amazing! i reciently saw a felted pizza...and tought of you! lol